Quality in material and craftmanship are the two fundamentals to a great tint job for your car. As you can see in the pictures below what happens to low quality window film in the scorching sun of Las Vegas, fading, discoloration, and bubbling! That's why at Capital Tint, "We do it right the first time!"

It will be the one and only time your vehicle is ever tinted. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our services including materials and workmanship. Here are some samples of low quality materials and workmanship.


Regular dyed film - what makes low
quality materials low quality? Window
film is composed of layers, regardless
of quality.

Low quality materials are
composed of only dyed layers which
easily fade, discolor, and eventualy bubble.

How do you remove old window film?
Just let a pro do it, it's worth every
penny and some times it's even free!

Metal Based Films - as film manufacturers got smarter they learned metal in the window film not only offered color stability but supreme heat rejection compared to carbon and regular dyed films. This is why at Capital Tint we use Suntek High Performance Window Films.

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