Capital Mobile Tint & Detailing offers professional detailing services from cut & polish to just a regular wash. Nothing like getting your car polished with professional detailing products by Auto Magic and getting new window tint all in one spot.

Our professional detailers are experience with all cars and paint finishes, get your car feeling and looking like new again with our supreme services that include paint, interior, trunk, motor, and more!


How We Do It

1. Wash exterior and motor compartment ( compartment will only detailed with engine cooled ).

2. Dry clean "The only thing that should touch paint is a shammy or microfiber, everything else will scar paint".

3. Interior Detail - includes carpets, leather/cloth seats, and all panels ( no armoral, only the safest products are used in our cars to clean and shine ).
4. Clay Bar "This will rid the paints surface of over spray, tree sap, dirt build up, etc. for that clean smooth feel".

5. Wax "This is the protective coat between your paint and the sun. Did you know every time your car is washed was is removed?"
6. Polish - Does your paint have so many swirl marks that is hiding the life out of your paint? A polish will remove all minor swirl marks".

7. Buff "Buffing the paint will remove all surface scratches, after the car is buffed it will be followed by a polish for the smoothest scratch
free surface.

8. Wet Sand "A wet sand will remove orange peel ( uneven surfaced paint, ripple/wavey appearance ) after the paint is thoroughly gone over it will
proceed buffing then a polish" Whew! That's a lot of work!

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