From Limo Tint to just right light we do it all! 5 Different qualities of auto tints to choose from.

We have the experience and professional service to make your car look the way you want it!

With a lifetime guarantee!

SunTek Automotive Window Films also offer:

  • Superior solar performance including heat and UV rejection, as well as glare reduction  
  • Exceptional optical clarity  
  • Increased safety and protection  

Smoked Tail Lights and Head Lights are done with vinyl and come with a lifetime warranty! Call now!


At Capital Tint all of our tinting prices will include all windows except the front windshield and all the different shades of film from limo tint dark to just right light at no extra cost. Window tinting done right for Las Vegas, Prices, Quality, and Service.

Limo Lambo

Smoked Out Tail Lights

Ferrari 612

Custom Smoked LIghts On A volvo S40

Limo Tinted Mustang

Perfect Corvet Black Windows

Smoked Head Lights

Nothing Goes Together Better Than Limo Tint With Smoked Lights!

Perfect Bug Back Window

Classy Looking Tint For A Classy Cadillac

Smoked Tail Lights

Yup As Nice As It Looks

Chevy Corsica LT Hatch Back Ya Fun Car To Tint I know Why They Only Made A Couple Hundred Of These

Smoked Out Tail Lights

The Tint Will Service As Long As This 71 Ventura Has

Custom Smoked Out Tail Lights With Reverse Light Cut Out! Smoke Out Head Lights To Mactch The Tail Lights!

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